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01 Jan 2018


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New year, new you right? 

That’s probably the thought in many a mind this morning, and what better way to start a shiny new year with getting rid of all your old baggage?? Well, you can start with the skin variety. I fell in love with the Custom Rituals at the Beauty and Melody Spa at the M by Montcalm in Shoreditch, and I am sure you will too. I definitely have Polynesia on my hit list this year, so I can try it in person!

Read my review for 55 here


31 Jul 2017


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Cellulite be gone


So you might be at a perfect weight for your height but there is still some stubborn lumpy skin.

Sound familiar? 

Everyone gets cellulite, and that’s a fact. Even Kate Moss, so it’s no wonder that finding something to get rid of the bumps is an ongoing quest for most.  

Having tried rubbing and brushing and massaging, I was resigned that my skin was destined to be dimpled.. But as a las resort, I decided to try Celluence®, which is a two step process to be used twice a day for at least 1-3 months. Obviously this works best with cutting out sugar, alcohol, and upping the exercise routine, so I thought the summer time was the most likely time anyone would get to see my thighs, so why not give it a go? 

Feeling slightly dubious that lotions would be the answer to my prayers, I started looking in to the ingredients to see what they were actually meant to do. With horse chestnut, gotu kola, butcher’s broom, cocoa polyphenols, red pine bark, green tea, turmeric, coleus, green coffee, citrus fruit and mint, the combination sounded like something from Harry Potter! But I’ve seen the movies, and  I know that magic can happen…


Using the two Celluence® creams (Phase One + Phase Two) in conjunction with each other, meant that my thighs and bottom got a thorough dosage of the active products, and was almost like taking the best of the best and doubling the results. 

Once I got used to the slight tingling- brought about by the mint and lemon peel, the tincture soaked in like moisturiser, so if anything, I could be sure that my skin would be softer than it had been, even if it didn’t look any better! However I continued in my quest for Cindy Crawford limbs, (albeit in my dreams)…And I did wonder whether I would be able to look at my kitchen tumeric in the same way…


To be honest, I had a busy month, and trying to squeeze in gym sessions, birthdays, and a hectic workload, meant that I my rhythm went a little off kilter, and using the lotions twice a day went slightly array, nevertheless, after a month of increasing my gym classes, and drastically cutting down my alcohol, and remembering to apply to apply Celluence® for 80% of the time, I can say I can see a tighter bottom which is definitely not as pocky! 


Would I continue with the product? Why not, if I can see a slight result in just over a month, this is bonus for me. There is more to achieve, but like I said, I have softer skin, and I quite like the refreshing tingle, so count me in for the long run.

Prices start from £45 for 100ml to £155 for 500ml.
The creams are exclusively available from


11 Nov 2016


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Check out what I got up to at the very aptly named ‘The Vineyard’ Hotel in Berkshire. Cue there was wine involved… And a spa!

The Vineyard Hotel in Newbury

24 Apr 2016

Organic beauty products which are bound to put you in a SUPERMOOD

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Cosmetics from Finland which are made with love

It was as though the beauty fairies have been watching me sleep, as the arrival of the beautiful SUPERMOOD gift box landed on my doorstep at a particularly rocky week. Overtired and overworked, my skin was crying out for a bit of attention, so the beautiful packaging of the SUPERMOOD products including Ego Boost One Minute Facelift Serum, Youth Glo Babyface Mask and Beauty Sleep Absolute Bliss Serum, sounded like they were just what the doctor ordered.

To be honest, I wouldn’t necessarily order beauty products from the internet, especially not a different country, as I like to touch and smell the products before I slop them on my skin… but the rave reviews about SUPERMOOD and it’s origins persuaded me to give them a try. Founded by ex-model Anne Kukkohovi, (who also hosted Finland’s Next Top Model and is a complete babe!) the small but perfectly formed range is completely holistic, and is made in Finland from natural ingredients.

I began my treats with the Beauty Sleep Absolute Bliss Serum as bad sleep is the root of all my problems (and I have left my previously blogged miracle Therapearl eye patches at the boyfs).. The subtle scent of sea fennel was not only calming, but contains such a high percentage of antioxidants that the collagen that gives you stretchy skin is protected, and I woke up feeling fresh, plumed and even a little bit rejuvenated, which is always a good sign for a hectic Monday!


With my new revived skin, I was keen to see how I fared with the Ego Boost One Minute Facelift Serum..I had lots to do, so liked the idea of having an ego boost. Easy to apply and non sticky I undertook my daily beauty routine religiously, and after only a couple of days, I could feel my skin tightening- and I can safely say this the closest thing I have come across to a facelift without visiting a clinic! Talk about an ego boost, I was ready to take on the world!


Finally I got round to try the Youth Glo Babyface Mask- I almost didn’t want to as I was so happy with my sparkly visage, and didn’t want to mess it up! But I’m glad I did. The facemask was a delicious combination of pampering and smelling like a baby’s (clean) bum. Taking time out to relax for a good 20 minutes (fear not, you don’t have to do any longer as the mask doesn’t actually set)..and bingo! I was as squeaky clean, refreshed and firm. It’s only a shame I tried it on a night in- next time, I will definitley use it as a base for radiant skin before a night out.



For an almost unbelievable luxury experience for a very pocket friendly price, I would definitely recommend checking out the whole range from SUPERMOOD. I think adopting this philosophy is the way forward, and who doesn’t need a bit of help in the fabulous mood department?

10 Apr 2016

Are these the BEST products ever for sparkly eyes??

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I love trying new beauty products. Especially when they involve something that could potentially improve the quality of my life!!!

So when I discovered the TheraPearl range for tired eyes, I knew I had to investigate a little further….

I am someone who admittedly burns the candle at both of it’s proverbial ends. I socialize and I get up to go to pump class. However much my body can take it, my poor eyeballs have been sending out SOS signals for a few months now. Coupled with my job as a freelance writer and stylist, which involves hours on the laptop/ipad and smart phone, I have been feeling the burn in the visage department.

So I was somewhat keen to get my paws on the TheraPearl eye essential mask. Providing a hot or cold treatment, this mask is designed for relief of red puffy eyes, and my bug bear, the dry eye.

Therapearl eye mask_Diary of a fashion darling

I was however a little apprehensive about putting something hot on my delicate eyeballs, but with the easy to follow instructions, I erred on the side of caution, and undercooked the mask in the microwave at the first attempt. (Meaning I checked it after five seconds instead of the recommended 10-15). Once I was sure it wasn’t going to burn my face off, I was happy to attach lie back and relax. A mere 20 minutes will not only reduce redness in your throbbing eyeballs, but decrease any excessive blood flow around the delicate eye area, thus potentially minimizing the unavoidable dark circles that come with late nights! I might need a few more tries before I see this result, but I am well on my way to an addiction! I wore it to bed on day number two, and it’s just as soothing cold. And for fact fans, you can even freeze it and apply in the same way so the teeny tiny balls of goodness address any migrane pains. Magic!


Coupled with Bausch + Lomb Bio True Rewetting Eye Drops, I feel like a new woman! Another product that is a must have for any laptop lover who suffers from dry, tired or irritated eyes. It provides instant natural hydration, in a simple easy to use pump. Kind of like diesel for your hardworking eyeballs, even if you wear contact lenses, and you can indulge as often as you like.


Shame it won’t protect me from some of the emails I get sent, but it will make reading them a lot easier to swallow!

For more information check out


17 Feb 2016

Getting to Grips with Grinberg at Gazelli House

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AKA having my first experience having my tootsies read!

I’m up for trying pretty much anything- and have absoulutely no brand loyalty- sorry products, but hey there advertisers! However, I keep coming back to Gazelli House in South Kensington. A haven for chilling out, I thought this would be the ideal place to test my toe in the water of the Grinberg way…

As soon as I set myself down on the bed I knew it would be an intense experience. My therapist Rachel Glendinning told me to relax and answer the questionnaire whilst she prodded, poked and smoothed by hard walking hoofs in order to get to the crux of my physical and emotional wellbeing. This makes sense to me as if you are on your feet all day your feet can’t lie!

I don’t know if my discomfort was registering, or my flinches meant anything, but there are certain parts of my feet which seemed to be very tensed up- and as if by magic, Rachel uncovered some emotional baggage from assessing my foot balls!

Known for busting stress, and treating all kinds of 21st lifestyle obstacles, the Grinberg Method is along the lines of hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, but in massage form. Acting as a physical therapy for psychological problems, massage is used to address blocks, which you might not realise you had. Miraculously it is also like therapy, with Rachel directing some leading questions in relation to what she had read from my feet.

Not having come in for a particular issue, it was interesting for Rachel to work me through some potential concerns and trapped patterns she had picked up on in my history, this lead to the first session concentrating on my shoulders to ease out my automatic relflex to fidget.

An unusual practise, as it was more gruelling than relaxing, but after just one session I was able to understand that it was my choice, whether to use a certain area or keep it knotted up.

Leaving Gazelli House, feeling slightly battered, yet strangely light, this is a therapy that I could see working wonders for me.

For more information, ask for a booking with Rachel Glendinning at Gazelli House.

174 Walton Street, London, SW3 2JL



Cover image courtesy of with thanks.


16 Feb 2016

A hot stone massage works wonders on a cold body!

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With London Fashion Week looming, I thought I would pre-empt the madness and go for a much needed massage before the shows began. And with the weather doing it’s usual Febuary freeze, I opted for a Hot Stone Massage at Sorbet in Muswell Hill.

Not exactly eager to strip down to my birthday suit, I was made completely at ease by my lovely Spanish masseuse. Apparenlty the hot stones are the perfect for saying “toodles to toxins” and the heat of the really rather hot stones does wonders for opening your muscles so the therapist can get in for a deep but very relaxing massage.

I have a vague recollection of comparing it to the cheats version to hot yoga, before I dropped off! It is not in anyway unpleasant, just a little odd at first. I wasn’t expecting hot stones between my toes for example, but apparently I have tense feet! Which makes sense with the amount of trotting about I do!! Once you have gotten over the actual heated stones, which are super smooth and flat- like pebbles for skimming, it is easy to relax. Although you don’t have any idea where your therapist will place them next!

By putting them on the palms of your hand, on your belly and shoulders, it improves the flow of energy in your body, and anything to make those tense parts of me relax is not a bad thing.

Each client will have an individiual experience, but it is defintiely one I would recommend if you haven’t tried it before. Next time I am in need of a deep root around my muscles, I will be back! After fashion week then!

With a menu like this, I think there is something to tickle everyone’s fancy!

Knead for Swede

Back and Neck Swedish Massage (30 min)
£ 30
Full Body Swedish Massage (60 min)
£ 50

Relax Max Massage

With Stress Relief Aromatherapy Oils (60 min)
£ 55

Go Getter Massage

With Energising Aromatherapy Oils (60 min)
£ 55

Knock your Tox Off

With Detoxifying Oils (60 min)
£ 55

Achy Breaky Hot Stone Massage

Back and Neck (30 min)
£ 35
Full Body (60 min)
£ 60

Relaxing Foot or Hand Massage

Includes Soak and Exfoliation (30 min)
£ 15

Back Up Plan

Back Cleanse, like a facial for your back (45 min)
£ 35
For more info and booking contact
26 Dec 2015

Plump up your cheeks at Gazelli House

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If your face needs a good seeing to, head to Walton Street for the perfect pick me up

I managed to squeeze in a visit to my new favourite place, Gazelli House just in time for party season, and if I hadn’t scoffed so many chocs over the last two days, I’m sure my skin would still be glowing in gratitude.

I headed for a long overdue Prescriptive Facial, long overdue as I knew as my winter skin had become a bit ‘crunchy’ and definitely needed some TLC.

The great thing about Gazelli House is that you don’t feel like you’re at a typical spa; There are no candles, wind chimes or unauthentic waterfalls here! It’s more like popping over to a really good friend’s place, where the sophisticated and homely ambience set the scene for my treatment, and were the ideal antidote to my Scrooge mood!

With a Prescriptive Facial, it is necessary to have a thorough consultation with your therapist, so she can completely understand what you currently do, and would like to achieve from the session. Call it facial therapy if you like! I knew my skin needed extra attention in the winter to hydrate and revive, but I was also facing the dreaded laughter lines (aka wrinkles). I definitely wasn’t ready for anything that involved a needle. Scardey cat I might be, but I was happy to try other forms of rescue remedies first!

This resulted in a unique facial, tailored just for me. I couldn’t wait to get my tired, neglected skin back into tip top shape. Being perscribed the Oxygen Therapy to tackle my cells, I was recommended the renowned OXYJet- a non invasive pulse programme which pushes Gazelli’s special oils three times deeper into my skin, followed by an Eye Lift Mask complete with Black Tea to tackle my dark circles.

No facial is complete without a massage, and the lifting and lymphatic massage was the perfect finish to enhance my newly hydrated and plumped skin, and the white oil.. don’t get me started on the smell of that!

To be honest, I felt like I had had an Essex facelift, or just returned from a very relaxing and reinvigorating holiday at the very least. Not only did I look several years younger, my cheeks were cheekier, eyes more sparkly and I seemed to have gained a pre-Christmas, ‘nothing is going to phase me now’, glow!

Now if only Santa thought I had been a good girl, I might have got some vouchers for a suggested follow up treatment… alas I didn’t! But bugger Santa, I’ll be booking back for myself!

I’d highly recommend a visit for yourself- I might even see you in the lounge!

Gazelli House | 174 Walton Street | London | SW3 2JL
to book please contact

29 Nov 2015

Home from home at Gazelli House

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There are spas and there are spas. Some are designed for a quick fix, hurried ‘fashion’ pick me up, and others have an alternative approach to beauty, and are designed to help you relax and chill out.

The newly opened Gazelli House on bustling Walton Street in Chelsea, is definitely one of the latter. Known for their groundbreaking non-abrasive skincare treatments, using their signature ‘white oil’, the therapists take their time to tap into your emotional state as well as physical wellbeing in order to ascertain your lifestyle before prescribing a personal bespoke treatment; The new home plans to build on this philosophy, and the soft leather furnishings, art deco artworks and parquet flooring only add to the personal journey you partake, when you step over the threshold.

Imagine a place where you could pop along for some precious ‘me time’. A place where you are made to feel at home and have no guilt for treating yourself. It’s a place to re-charge your energy and nuture your skin, yet without realising, you leave with a fuller soul.

It’s more than a shop and a spa, although the Gazelli skincare products are available to try or buy; The concept is for you to pop along and enjoy a herbal tea, browse the bookshelves, enjoy the art and soak up the nik-naks (which are for sale too). The brand is selling a lifestyle and this has been exquisitely curated over a three floor home. It is as unlike any spa I have ever been in. With the beautiful back terrace, complete with handmade Spanish tiles, whitewashed walls and impromptu film screenings, clients are encouraged to spend quality time in the parlour or library and lingering is encouraged!

With workshops and informal visiting practioner talks, planned for the communal areas, I have no doubt that there will be someone interesting to meet, and something to learn any time you pop by. Poetry readings, supper clubs and games nights are set to turn this into a community for like minded people, all happy to share knowledge and socialise.

With three tranquil treatment rooms located at the basement level, the atmosphere is calm and inviting. There is no attention spared here either, with a chaise lounge subtly positioned in the communal area, so you can meditate/contemplate pre or post therapy with no-one rushing you on, to get the next client in.

The two rooms in the attic of the house, are the piece de resistance, and are set to offer all kinds of exciting services. Perfectly intimate for life coaching, kinesiology, meditation and acupuncture, clients are actively encouraged to discuss their needs and goals, to find the right approach for their wellbeing and personal development.

Overall, the Gazelli House promises to be a place where you can gain confidence and address what has been holding you back. It’s magical. I want to go back.

24 Nov 2015

Everyone loves The Pig! And Hawaii….

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This week has involved munching a lot of food! More than usual….

It was a great pleasure to be invited to The Pig Hotel and Restaurant in Brockenhurst. Firstly because of it’s fabulous reputation and stunning setting in the New Forest. Secondly to see if all the food could possibly come from a 25 mile radius, and the beautiful and tranquil on site country garden. Thirdly I got an idea of a bday pressie of a romantic get away at The Pig Lodge in the grounds; Or even one of the rooms in the main building, which offer four poster beds and are particularly cosy.

Needless to say the food was delish. The Scotch eggs and crackling were undeniably divine, as was the Lymington crab and tray of deserts! I say tray- that wasn’t all for me- it was a sharing platter. They even make their own wine, which went down a treat!

If you don’t have a spare day to pop to the country just for lunch, you could go to the little piggy sister in Southampton, which offers the same boutique hotel options on a slightly smaller scale. The Pig in the Wall is also perfectly located for afternoon tea, and has the similar cosy rooms if you and the girls want to get out of London for a weekend shopping.

Another treat I had was visiting the new Gazelli House in Chelsea. A big fan of Gazelli, I have experienced several treatments at the old location in Notting Hill, but the new residence was a complete revelation!!! Designed as a home from home, this home was unlike any spa I have experienced. Set inside a chilled out residence, guests are invited to spend time hanging out and attenting talks and workshops as well as discussing in depth what the best treatments are for them. It aims to provide a new way of looking at therapies, and is not a quick pit stop where you get instant gratification. It’s about taking time out for you, which I could do quite easily in one of the beautifully designed lounge/study rooms. It opens this week to the public, so I would highly recommend you pop along.

As if I needed another food splurge, I did pop along to Kua Aina restaurant on Goodge Street. As soon as I entered I knew this would be a fun one- all the staff, and most of the customers were wearing a lei, and the Hawaiian theme didn’t stop there! The menu was extensive and not just burgers. The Mahi Mahi fillet was delish! As were the pancakes… I can definitely see it on my radar for breakfast meets, and with two private dining rooms, this is a perfect place for parties- I just wish I had known in time for mine! But I can confirm the house special avocado cocktail slips down a treat!

So it’s that time of year where I get one (small extra crinkle) but still manage to pretend I haven’t!! This year, being a weeny bit older and somewhat wiser, I am delighted to share that I am also the new freelance Editor of a new luxury lifestyle journal 49Winters. It’s launching in January. Watch this space…

And look even closer and you can see me hanging out with gorgeous male model and Pixie Lott’s other half, Oliver Cheshire. I even managed to try on some jewels (I’ve got the eye brooch and the snakeskin mary janes on my wish list!) at the M&S SS16 press day. I also fell slightly in lust with the new crochet Converse All Stars. Roll on next season!