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13 Jun 2016


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I love wearing a smile on my sleeve..or knee

HOW much fun are these ‪#‎happyknees‬ jeans?? Check out ‪#‎8dix‬ and don’t worry be happy!

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19 Nov 2015

Oh hello…I’m now official!!!

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Freelance Update – Sara Darling
Freelance Lifestyle, Fashion and Features Writer Sara Darling has been appointed freelance Editor of new online luxury lifestyle journal, 49 Winters, which will be launching in January. Previously published on Schön!, StyleNest, Flush and Fault, she is also available for commissions, and examples of her work can be seen at

She can be reached at

and found tweeting at


06 Nov 2015

Astral Original truly is a stellar skin cream

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Astral Original might not be a name that you associate with advanced scientific discoveries after all it is probably something your mum and grandma used, and has been around since 1951 (check these classic ads!)

But that’s for a good reason, the formula hasn’t been changed and the ultra moisturising moisturiser is still going strong!

A complete beauty classic, the legendary blue packaging and moreish scent are still seen in bathroom cabinets and dressing tables across the country. Possibly because the multi purpose cream can be used for a myriad of functions, and girls will always want to stay feeling smooth.

It’s ideal to slather on dry skin after a shower or sunbathing- your body will quench up the nourishment, and seel in the moisture (or tan) and keep you looking slinky.  It’s perfect for your face, providing a comforting barrier against air con offices, pollution or general getting older lines! Use it as a day or night cream- the formula is the same, and it’s gentle enough to use as a make up base- or even as make up remover.

With 59% of women stating they prefer a multi purpose product, this is the one that surely ticks all the boxes. Perfect for thirsty lips, chapped heels, frizzy hair or nappy rash! I am addicted to the handy size Astral Soft, which is the perfect size for my bag, and containing Aloe Vera and vitamin E, is a must for the winter and pesky dehydrated hands.

The iconic blue pot ain’t going anywhere anytime soon, and you can be sure you will see it in the bathrooms of generations to come.

Apparenly Joanna Lumley is a fan, and if it’s good enough for Patsy, count me in!

Buy from Superdrug and all leading pharmacies.



05 Nov 2015

Dining Out- Twin Peaks Stylee

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When I was invited to my first immersive dining experience in the basement of the old Guardian Building, I was intrigued!

Especially when it was based on the work of the legendary David Lynch and his surreal show Twin Peaks. I was never a super fan, but I like food and theatre so was very much looking forward to how the night progressed… an adventure in the making!

The food was interesting (cold beetroot soup with donuts, spicy bean patties and a finale of cherry pie) but the cocktails made up for the eccentric menu, and I don’t think many people come for the food.

The wandering ‘players’ were also particularly captivating. Police officers, hillbillies, high as a kite waitresses, and my personal favourite, the log lady.. Most speaking with a dodgy American twang, they invited you into their world, and invaded your space. When my guest and I were whisked away by a vicar to see something ‘special’, we held hands like schoolkids as we went up a dark and eary staircase to witness a corpse in a black room!!! Needless to say we were  petrified, and couldn’t wait to get back downstairs to the comfort of the diner and the weird community down there, who were at least alive!

Immersive is almost an understatement. Being inside a very pecular dream is more appropriate.. With a finale consisting of a policeman wearing a horse’s head exposing the criminal, the diners (who by this point had all become the best of friends) were left in shock, horror and amazement! I won’t spoil the ending, but the show is definitely worth a visit for any Lynch or great cocktail fans!

Try and stroke the stick- I dare ya!



06 Oct 2015

Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the Algarve..

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Next stop Adidas and the Welsh International football team!

Wowee, if you needed an extra description of the word variety, just check out my last two weeks… I was whisked over to Rotterdam to review the Horst P Horst exhibition, had a whistlestop tour of Amsterdam, came home for 12 hours due to a very frustrating 5 hour delay; and then jetted over to The Algarve for a complete adventure!

Watch this space for full review..

I’m off now to style the Welsh football team for Adidas..



11 Sep 2015

Bentley & Skinner: Jewellery fit for a princess

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Entering Bentley & Skinner is a little bit like visiting a museum. There is an atmosphere of calm and quiet, with lots of pretty things behind glass, complete with stern but friendly security guards, who no doubt would be at your side in an instant to whisper in your ear, should you try and eat inside the store. But crumbs aside, once you have crossed the threshold of the Aladdin’s Cave, make sure you have plenty of time to soak up the huge array of luxury antique and modern collectors’ items on display.

Look beyond the chandeliers, Royal plaques and formality in the beautiful oak furnished store, and the family founded business is full of old school charm. Beginning life as two separate jewellers (Bentley opened it’s doors in 1934, whilst Skinner has been in business since 1881 and has the honour being jeweller to Queen Victoria). The trinkateers joined forces in 1998, and now share the vast amount of history and knowledge that has been gleaned across the decades.

The store, which relocated from the masses on Bond Street, and relocated to a prime location in Piccadilly a few years ago, prides itself on it’s vast selection of antique and vintage jewellery. And so it should! Filled to the brim with diamonds, pearls and shiny things, I was eager to find out more.

Being slightly clumsy, and never having been engaged (I don’t think these are connected….?) I daydreamed about my engagement ring of choice.. I was tempted by a giant sapphire ring from the early 1900s- which would be the perfect partner for a battenberg lace wedding dress! An emerald art deco piece set in a diamonds transported me to the Great Gatsby, and I wouldn’t say no to a classic, super sparkly princess diamond from early 20th Century. Not very practical (did I mention I was clumsy?!) but every one, was one of a kind, making them even more special. But I guess an engagement ring is something to show off, and practical shmactical, they all looked pretty good! I did have a quick peek at the price tags, and I think my future husband is going to have to be pretty generous. With eager young lovers heading to the store in droves on a Saturday, the budget for a ring is definitely a conversation starter to prelude the wedding costs.

However, there is plenty more to see than engagement rings, and the store is a pure paradise for lovers of anything unique and unusual. With cabinets full of brooches, bangles and necklaces, from the Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian era, including well known names such as Fabergé, Lalique and Carlo Giuliano, nestling next to other fine jewellery from the period, you can jump through centuries in one afternoon and have a history lesson to boot. With animals, insects and reptiles being de-riguer throughout the centuries, I can’t stop thinking about the Victorian turquoise serpent necklace.. A snip at £36,000. Fashion is priceless after all!

Check out the collection for yourself, at Bentley & Skinner, 55 Piccadilly, London, W1J 0DX

13 Aug 2015

Throwback Thursday to my days as Fashion Editor of International Life magazine

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10 Aug 2015

Regret Nothing at the Diet Coke JW Anderson launch

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My week in parties

I am normally busy, but last week I seemed to be kerazee busy!

Two shoots to pull for, endless events and three parties in one night. Not sure if there’s any way around this if you are a PR. I guess you just have to get lucky, get a good venue and get your invites out first!

If like me, you don’t like to let anyone down, you can always try and party hop, but if party number two (or three) is a popular soiree, there is no guarantee if you get there late and your PR contact has joined the fun and left the interns on the door! But I digress…

So last week it was the launch of the Diet Coke x JW Anderson event at Village Underground in Shoreditch. I arrived late due to shoot running over and my driver missing a turn so having to go around the proverbial houses, but it was worth it in the end!

A plethora of paps waiting outside, hinted at a club full of celebs, and I wished I’d managed a change of clothes! But fashion is all about confidence so I strolled past the cameraman, sunnies on and smile in place…I did infact spy a few I knew- The Saturday’s Vanessa White, singer and presenter Ashley Roberts, Lucy Watson from Made in Chelsea and ‘moocher’ Bip Ling, who I styled for a cover shoot many moons ago!

It was also great to catch up with Larissa Eddie, the singer who is bound to make it into superstardom soon- she has just finished touring with Lionel Richie which is a bit of a coup for any songstress! Jealous much! Hello?!?!? And the gorgeous TV presenter Naomi Isted was also on her first night out after the birth of her beautiful baby boy, and she was looking super glam in white (and heels to die for.. How does she do it?!!?)

The party was in full swing, with fashionistas dancing along to a DJ set by the uber cool Laura Whitmore, and the drinks (not just Diet Coke!!) were flowing..Alas I couldn’t stay until the end as my sensible head had to get me up for a shoot the next day, so I bade au revoir to the East London glam pack and headed home, clutching my limited edition Diet Coke bottles, t-shirt and notebook!

With a reputation for cool collaborations and collectable bottles, the JW Anderson design does not disappoint.  Taking inspiration from his signature knitwear and 3-D hyper-realistic photography, the classic bottles are given an edgy futuristic style. Almost too cool to drink!

If you want to be part of the next generation, the limited-edition collector’s box set – featuring J.W.Anderson’s Diet Coke bottles and notebook – will be available from Harvey Nichols stores nationwide and online from 17 August (RRP £29.95). Looks good and is tasty too!