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11 Jan 2018


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Not being a boarder (yet) I soaked up the arts and culture and best open air snow spa I have ever been to.

Read  what I got up to for Flush magazine here: 


Film, Fondue & Fun in Whistler 2017

20 Nov 2017


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I love a good indie film, and the second feature length movie by director Eliza Hittman did not disappoint. 

Set in fading Brooklyn, the timeless scenery was the perfect backdrop for the long hot summer that unfolded as a group of teenage boys filled their days with amusement arcades, smoking spliffs and chasing girls.

Pretty standard right? But the twist came when we see the super talented Brit Harris Dickinson who is also starring in his first major role, cruising internet chat rooms for men….

Poignant, uncomfortable and relatable. After all we have all been teenagers right?

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24 Sep 2017


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If someone was to tell me that there would be a Greek movie about a middle aged doctor who falls in love with a student twenty years his junior, and things go wrong- I would think that sounded about right..but there is nothing right about the storyline of this film.  

Uncomfortable, funny and just a little bit odd in equal measures. If you’re a fan of indie films, you’ll probably like this! 

I reviewed director Argyris Papadimitropoulos’s ‘Suntan’ for 55Factory. Read more here


13 Feb 2017


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Multiple Maniacs

With John Waters movies, you know you should expect the expect the unexpected and quite often the unimaginable. If not the depraved and  certainly bad taste. In fact, the winning combination of Waters and Divine ensures that they probably wanted to out-filth each other!

The remastered release of his cult film Multiple Maniacs, stars his muse Divine, and is a personal portrait into their relationship (if nothing else!) Written, directed, edited, shot and produced solely by Waters, ensured that the disturbing content didn’t meet any paying public’s eye until it was released in 1970. And even then it was a mission to get it to anything other than strip club theatres!

Multiple Maniacs


Setting the scene in the opener of the film, is a naked Lady Divine, bitching away at her long suffering partner, David; Before claiming the limelight and starring in the aptly named spectacle ‘The Cavalcade of Perversions’, showcasing the filthy and unimaginable. Seemingly a normal act, as a finale to every show, Divine comes in and robs the patrons at gunpoint, however after this show, she tires of just mugging them, and decides to murder them instead

Drag Queen Divine is simply divine, in adopting a bolshy over sexed, larger than life role, and you can see elements of this in her prostitute daughter’s character, Cookie- with whom she seeks refuge in the city, when she is on the run. 

Daily life continues, but revenge is on the cards when Lady D is tipped off that her boyfriend David is seeing one of the performers. Setting out with no holds barred, her colossal character is intercepted by two glue-sniffers, and she is floored and raped. Whilst contemplating these surreal events, a young boy in the shape of the Infant of Prague appears and leads her to the steps of a church. Unsure but intrigued, Lady D heads inside only to be seduced by an attractive young woman, and experiences anal sex involving a string of rosary beads. 

Multiple Maniacs_Mr_David

This new twist is a added bonus to Divine’s mission. Now declaring herself lesbian, she is adamant to get revenge on her puny boyfriend. With more twists and turns, and religious flashbacks, the two couples meet again at Cookie’s apartment, where they are intent on murder. And those who like blood and guts will not be disappointed! With an exhausting and seemingly never ending monologue, Divine is joined by a lobster, and is completely unrepentant, cackling “you’re a maniac now Divine”. 

A film which doesn’t warrant a finale, Waters makes sure Divine stretches it out as long as possible, running through the streets of  Baltimore, insane, bloody, and wearing a mink coat, trying to kill anyone she can get at to the soundtrack of “God Bless America”. 

Multiple Maniacs

For laughs, squirms and an insight to a drug addled mind, this remastered version is definitely worth a watch. Waters distributed the movie 46 years ago and now Maniacs is on general release with Janus Films and the Criterion Collection.

Book your tickets for a cinema near you. Opening this weekend. 

24 Aug 2016


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The all singing, dancing musical which is set to be the Christmas tear-jerker!

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are the on-screen couple with so much chemistry the screen almost explodes in the Christmas feel good musical La La Land..

I had my first day writing for the newly launched Sun @Popcorn magazine today, so read all about it here.

26 Jul 2016

The movie of Sid & Nancy

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It’s the 40th anniversary of punk, and the 30th anniversary of the Sid & Nancy movie and to celebrate the 1986 film, the Alex Cox cult classic has been restored.

Film biops can go either way, but who better to play the infamous Sid Vicious than Gary Oldman- a man with some serious attitude, along with Chloe Webb as the long suffering girlfriend Nancy Spungen. The film documents one of the most high profile (and destructive) relationships of the era. Providing a vivid portrait of sex and drug abuse, the heart-breaking relationship between Sid & Nancy is a true story and one which tragically ends when Nancy is stabbed by her wasted lover Sid, who consequently dies of a heroin overdose.

Subtle, no, and suitable for a first date, probably not. But as for anyone who loved punk and The Sex Pistols, the original soundtrack and styling make this a film to mark an era.

Out in cinemas on 5th August.

25 Apr 2016

The Roaming Nomad is heading to town….

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Iconic films to tickle your tastebuds heading to an open space near you


It’s nearly time for bank holiday season, and that officially means, pasty legs, barbeques and flip flops…It also means the start of lots of fabulous pop up events around the fabulous green spaces in London. I’m a particular fan of outdoor screenings. There’s something so romantic about watching Jaws in a cemetary!

It was also a delight to get a sneaky peek of The Lookout in Hyde Park last week- an eco event space with decking, seating and sculptures which is also one of the homes to the roaming NOMAD cinema (that gives all it’s proceeds to the Sustainable Institute in South Africa). So while you’re having a whale of a time, you can rest assured you are doing a good deed for our friends across the world too!

What could make a better night out? Especially if you want to impress a date…..British summer in the city starts here.

With so many cool locations popping up all the time, it’s best to check the main website for tickets and availability. But I have earmarked at least 3 of the June films, so maybe see you there!

NOMAD DIARY (for month one- I didn’t want to overload you!!!)

SUN | 22-May-16 | THE HOXTON, SHOREDITCH | JUNO (12) – indoors, seated, includes drinks + nibbles

SUN | 26-Jun-16 | THE HOXTON, SHOREDITCH | THE SOCIAL NETWORK (12) – inside, seated, includes drinks + nibbles
THURS | 7-Jul-16 | GROSVENOR SQUARE | FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF (12A) ⧫ – wifi headsets
FRI | 8-Jul-16 | GROSVENOR SQUARE | THE BIG LEBOWSKI (18) ⧫ – wifi headsets
SAT | 9-Jul-16 | GROSVENOR SQUARE | SPEED (15) ⧫ * – wifi headsets
THURS | 14-Jul-16 | GROSVENOR SQUARE | THE NOTEBOOK (12A) ⧫ * – wifi headsets
FRI | 15-Jul-16 | GROSVENOR SQUARE | THE HANGOVER (18) ⧫ – wifi headsets
SAT | 16-Jul-16 | GROSVENOR SQUARE | THELMA & LOUISE (15) ⧫ – wifi headsets
SAT | 23-Jul-16 | MEANTIME BREWERY | TOTAL RECALL (15) – includes pint of Meantime beerI

For more info  and tickets, check out

21 Mar 2016

Sara Darling TV Presenter

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I’ve just been asked to dig out my reel for someone and thought I’d share. One of the most fun days I have had at work- eating tapas and drinking champagne!

One New Change- the only place to shop and eat in the city!



27 Oct 2015

My First Interview for Schon Magazine with Bond Stunt Girl Gemita Samarra

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It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally made it into Schon! Check out my interview with the fabulous, gorgeous and Duracell battery infused stunt woman Gemita Samarra..

She’s the body double for Léa Seydoux in the latest Bond blockbuster Spectre..

Check it out here:

26 Oct 2015

JAMES BOND is out, so obviously I get to go to the pre-party!

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This week has been pretty bonkers, even in Darlingland!

I had a sneaky insight to the new James Bond movie courtesey of Gillette x Spectre at an exclusive party at the Covent Garden Film Museum. This was compared by film geek and all round nice (tall) guy Vernon Kay who kept us entertained, whilst we seemed to sup neverending  Bollinger and dry martinis of course!

We were also treated to Gillette’s very own “Bond Moments” film which is to co-incide with a campaign to encourage men to feel confident and look their best.

There were plenty of men who were definitely channelling Mr Craig that night, along with some classic Bond cars, a cut throat barber shop, simulated motorbike chase and a good ole fashioned swing band, making it was a night to remember!

And as if by magic, the very next day, I had my interview with Gemita Semarra- the stunt woman you will be seeing alot more of! From Bond to beyond….