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29 Feb 2016

Bye bye Fashion Week.. Hello Spring fashion!

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It’s all completely topsy turvy in the world of fashion, and I have just spent a very enjoyable five days soaking up the Autumn Winter trends at the very “on point” Brewer Street carpark in Soho.

However in the real world, it’s time to think about spring fashion! With celebs celebrating Award Season like peacocks parading in full tail, girls like me have to start assessing last year’s wardrobe and deciding what can stay and what has to go!

So in the meatime, please feel free to peruse some of my thoughts of the shows at LFW that I have written for 55Factory includng Belstaff here…

23 Feb 2016


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Check out my report on the Fyodor Golan show for @55Factory here:

23 Feb 2016

Final Day of LFW and my fashion juices are flowing fast!

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I love the February fashion week- I am a big fan of AW trends.

I love layering and twinsets and the whole Christmas party season! I am a November baby too, so any excuse to flash the cash and treat myself is good with me..

And this season I have clocked a lot of what I fancy at the London Fashion Week shows at the Brewer Street Carpark and beyond…

Check out my reports for 55Factory- first up Ashley Isham


17 Feb 2016

Getting to Grips with Grinberg at Gazelli House

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AKA having my first experience having my tootsies read!

I’m up for trying pretty much anything- and have absoulutely no brand loyalty- sorry products, but hey there advertisers! However, I keep coming back to Gazelli House in South Kensington. A haven for chilling out, I thought this would be the ideal place to test my toe in the water of the Grinberg way…

As soon as I set myself down on the bed I knew it would be an intense experience. My therapist Rachel Glendinning told me to relax and answer the questionnaire whilst she prodded, poked and smoothed by hard walking hoofs in order to get to the crux of my physical and emotional wellbeing. This makes sense to me as if you are on your feet all day your feet can’t lie!

I don’t know if my discomfort was registering, or my flinches meant anything, but there are certain parts of my feet which seemed to be very tensed up- and as if by magic, Rachel uncovered some emotional baggage from assessing my foot balls!

Known for busting stress, and treating all kinds of 21st lifestyle obstacles, the Grinberg Method is along the lines of hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, but in massage form. Acting as a physical therapy for psychological problems, massage is used to address blocks, which you might not realise you had. Miraculously it is also like therapy, with Rachel directing some leading questions in relation to what she had read from my feet.

Not having come in for a particular issue, it was interesting for Rachel to work me through some potential concerns and trapped patterns she had picked up on in my history, this lead to the first session concentrating on my shoulders to ease out my automatic relflex to fidget.

An unusual practise, as it was more gruelling than relaxing, but after just one session I was able to understand that it was my choice, whether to use a certain area or keep it knotted up.

Leaving Gazelli House, feeling slightly battered, yet strangely light, this is a therapy that I could see working wonders for me.

For more information, ask for a booking with Rachel Glendinning at Gazelli House.

174 Walton Street, London, SW3 2JL



Cover image courtesy of with thanks.


16 Feb 2016

A hot stone massage works wonders on a cold body!

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With London Fashion Week looming, I thought I would pre-empt the madness and go for a much needed massage before the shows began. And with the weather doing it’s usual Febuary freeze, I opted for a Hot Stone Massage at Sorbet in Muswell Hill.

Not exactly eager to strip down to my birthday suit, I was made completely at ease by my lovely Spanish masseuse. Apparenlty the hot stones are the perfect for saying “toodles to toxins” and the heat of the really rather hot stones does wonders for opening your muscles so the therapist can get in for a deep but very relaxing massage.

I have a vague recollection of comparing it to the cheats version to hot yoga, before I dropped off! It is not in anyway unpleasant, just a little odd at first. I wasn’t expecting hot stones between my toes for example, but apparently I have tense feet! Which makes sense with the amount of trotting about I do!! Once you have gotten over the actual heated stones, which are super smooth and flat- like pebbles for skimming, it is easy to relax. Although you don’t have any idea where your therapist will place them next!

By putting them on the palms of your hand, on your belly and shoulders, it improves the flow of energy in your body, and anything to make those tense parts of me relax is not a bad thing.

Each client will have an individiual experience, but it is defintiely one I would recommend if you haven’t tried it before. Next time I am in need of a deep root around my muscles, I will be back! After fashion week then!

With a menu like this, I think there is something to tickle everyone’s fancy!

Knead for Swede

Back and Neck Swedish Massage (30 min)
£ 30
Full Body Swedish Massage (60 min)
£ 50

Relax Max Massage

With Stress Relief Aromatherapy Oils (60 min)
£ 55

Go Getter Massage

With Energising Aromatherapy Oils (60 min)
£ 55

Knock your Tox Off

With Detoxifying Oils (60 min)
£ 55

Achy Breaky Hot Stone Massage

Back and Neck (30 min)
£ 35
Full Body (60 min)
£ 60

Relaxing Foot or Hand Massage

Includes Soak and Exfoliation (30 min)
£ 15

Back Up Plan

Back Cleanse, like a facial for your back (45 min)
£ 35
For more info and booking contact
15 Feb 2016

A Century of Style and what a stylish century it was!

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I was lucky enough to attend the press view of the 100 Years of Vogue at the National Portrait Gallery last week and after much salivating over the stunning collection of images, models and fashion I have done a review for 49Winters.

Taster here:

2016 celebrates 100 years of British Vogue and to honor the occasion, it is sharing its vast and colourful history in a retrospective at the National Portrait Gallery in London, entitled Vogue: A Century of Style.

Taking over a year to assemble, current Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman worked with Patrick Kinmonth on design- a member of the Vogue family she has known since the 70s. Keeping it in the family is something, which is very important to Vogue. Almost like an elite fashion family- once you have passed the initiation, you are welcome back!

This is certainly true with Kate Moss who has been one of the most popular cover stars across he 20+ year career. And the exhibition opens with her infamous if not irreverent Union Jack shot, taken by Marion Testino. Closely followed by the full and much talked about, controversial shoot with Corinne Day from 1993 when Kate was just 19. The images of a waif-like Moss in her underwear in a grungy flat, caused a commotion about eating disorders and drug abuse and resulted in Moss’s agent banning her from working with Day again. However, it launched her to celebrity-dom and she has appeared in countless Vogue shoots since.

But the show doesn’t only celebrate models or the clothes (or lack of- be prepared for lots of flesh) it showcases the remarkable range of photography that has been commissioned by British Vogue since it was founded in 1916. Bringing together over 280 prints from the Conde Nast archives, it provides a chronological history of fashion, trends and popular culture across the decades, which has made it one of the most influential, intelligent and inspirational fashion magazines around the world.

Read the full article here:


13 Feb 2016

Your carriage awaits..welcome to the 18th Century at Maddox Gallery

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As February has officially (by me) commissioned Month of Culture, I also visited the Maddox Gallery  which was showcasing new work from photographer Tyler Shields. With the launch complete with waitresses dressed in period costume to enhance the decadent mood, ‘Decadence’, is a show for the shows offs.

Exhibiting in collaboration with Imitate Modern, Hollywood’s self confessed “playboy” Shields, has reproduced 18th century courtesans dressed in Marie Antoinette-esque period attire. But these aren’t any old models, the talent includes aspiring Hollywood wannabes such as Isabelle Fuhrman, Jaime King and Tallulah Wilis. Spot them if you can…

There are nudes, cupcakes and kissing…All in soft focus so your voyeur fantasies can be well and truly tickled with a feather!

You can see the extremely extravagant £12,000 photographs for yourself until 24 February at Maddox Gallery, 9 Maddox Street, London W1S 2QE.

tyler-shields-decadence_diaryofafashiondarling tyler-shields-decadence_diaryofafashiondarling tyler-shields-decadence_diaryofafashiondarling tyler-shields-decadence_diaryofafashiondarling

09 Feb 2016

February is the month of culture

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Art Galleries a go-go

With Dry January out of the way (not that I tried- it’s miserable enough anyway)! I embraced February with longing, and with that came an influx of new exhibitions for me to visit.

Alas I missed the press preview of the mighty Charles Saatchi, but I went along to see what all the fuss was about at his womens only exhibtion at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. With all the talented females on the planet, it was interesting to see Mr Saatchi’s choice… Champagne Life features the work of 14 female artists, and has been staged to mark the gallery’s 30th birthday


This ranged from a stuffed horse balanced on a seemily squished ceramic ball, a sleeping papier-mache donkey and a room dedicated to neon realism paintings.

Soheila Sokhanvari_saatchi_gallery_sara_darling

My favourite exhibit was not the the wall full of used cooking pots, but the larger than life monochrome paintings by Serbian painter Jelena Bulajić. A mistress of capturing old women in all their aged and wrinkled glory. It made me sad and happy and wanting to give a little wave to my nan.

Jelena Bulajic_champagne_life_dairyofafashiondarling

Champagne Life at the Saatchi Gallery is showing until 9th March



02 Feb 2016

There’s nothing Notting Hillbilly about these jewellery stores…

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It’s no secret that I love shopping.. erm! So when I got asked to edit the list of uber cool jewellery stores in Notting Hill for @MyShoppingSpy, I was in window shopping heaven!

Ranging from affordable everyday treats to wistful wishlists, there is definitely something to lust over. Dinny Hall_jewellery_diary_of_a_fashion_darling

From Dinny Hall to Assya to Ming- these are five of the best.

Check it out, and happy shopping!


01 Feb 2016

Copywriting and Competition for Kismet

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Check out some copywriting I did for vegan yoga wear brand Kismet for @MyShoppingSpy

If you have a new year’s resolution to get to grips with yoga, or if you are already a pro at the tripod lotus, you will need some cool, comfortable gear to practise in.

Kismet Yogastyle is a new eco friendly yoga label, offering a range of luxury separates, designed to look good on and off the mat. Using carefully selected materials including beechwood, organic cotton and recycled Polyester, the label is perfect for those in tune with the karmic influences that go in to mass-produced clothes, and one that pays it’s workers a living wage.

Believing that yoga wear is about being comfortable as well as chic, the designer behind the new brand, is yoga guru and entrepreneur Sylvia Daun. Having practiced yoga for decades, she is keen to share her passion for the discipline and bring to attention that there is an ethical alternative behind buying your kit.

There is no doubt that your lifestyle choices are affected by popular culture, and it is Sylvia’s goal to promote a change in the way of thinking. Her environmentally friendly label is pathing the way for the future, and hopes to inspire others to follow.

Working with breathable, supportive, fabrics, there is no shortage of style in the range. Yoga pants, strappy bras, leggings and racer back vests are available in an eye-catching range of designs.  With a luxury feel, the range is designed to mix and match; It’s cool enough to wear post class too!

Whether you’re a hot yoga, vinyasa flow or bikram fan, you can feel good both on the inside and out in Kismet Yogawear. It makes sense to love the clothes you’re in, as well as loving your own skin. This small change could be the start of something big.

To find out more about Kismet Yogawear, click here

To enter the competition, just answer this easy question and leave your details below. The competition closes on 08/01/2016. For T&Cs, click here