26 Oct 2015

JAMES BOND is out, so obviously I get to go to the pre-party!

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This week has been pretty bonkers, even in Darlingland!

I had a sneaky insight to the new James Bond movie courtesey of Gillette x Spectre at an exclusive party at the Covent Garden Film Museum. This was compared by film geek and all round nice (tall) guy Vernon Kay who kept us entertained, whilst we seemed to sup neverending  Bollinger and dry martinis of course!

We were also treated to Gillette’s very own “Bond Moments” film which is to co-incide with a campaign to encourage men to feel confident and look their best.

There were plenty of men who were definitely channelling Mr Craig that night, along with some classic Bond cars, a cut throat barber shop, simulated motorbike chase and a good ole fashioned swing band, making it was a night to remember!

And as if by magic, the very next day, I had my interview with Gemita Semarra- the stunt woman you will be seeing alot more of! From Bond to beyond….

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