27 Feb 2015

If you haven’t managed to grab a copy of 55Pages yet…

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….this might tickle your tastebuds….

The time has come, now LFW is over (sob) to get down to the nitty gritty of promoting my baby…

May I present issue of number eight of the fabulous 55Pages, and what a corker it is (if I say so myself…) Dame Viv on the cover in her splendid conker necklace is enough to get anyone to pick it up! We talked Fracking not frocks (this time), but it’s well worth a read if you have a social conscience, and care what’s happening to our planet.

We also have some philanthropic commentary on the political aftermarth of the magazine murders in Paris, alongside an insight into how we create our identity. Intriguing…perhaps you will have a double think before you put your outfit on this morning!

On top of all that there is some edgy under the radar fashion, inspired by the one n only Chrissue Hynde, styled by yours truly; And we grabbed the fabulous Joe Toronko between his numerous jet-setting adventures to style the menswear shoot for us.  Total trouper and such a granny-pleaser!!!

With the bands and artists knocking down our doors to impress us these days, they really have to blow us away, and I hope you find they tick the right boxes for you too. Is Brighton the breeding ground for the future of music?? We share our best finds from the seaside.

Also packed into the oversized issue are tips on Men’s Style, the trends you need to be wearing this Spring Summer, alongside travel, photography, art and culture features.

All in all, it’s worth an hour perusing a copy- pick it up around selected cafes, record stores and general fashion magazine shops around central London. You can find us at airports too! It’s already been spotted in The Rocky Mountains, Canada, backstage at the Oscars with EE presenter Prince Cassius, and the lovely Aisak couldn’t wait to get his hands on it during fashion week.

Welcome to the family, and stick with us as we looking forward to cracking on with issue 9. Me and the fashion hubbie Christopher Sims have lasted longer than some real life couples!



The Ed

AKA Moi!

Read it in full here





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