24 Sep 2016

LFW is over for another season

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Fashion never sleeps in London Town.

The Fashion Fabulous Fashion Crew have left the building and are heading to Milan (or perhaps having a mini break, and recuperating for Paris).

Whichever way, they should all give themselves a pat on the back and a well-deserved glass of something they fancy, as this season’s fashion week was truly spectacular!

Having to miss the Friday shows due to my best friend’s wedding, I joined the party late, but still managed to see some exceptional shows.

The trends I picked up on are:


Ashish with their array of sequins, layered skirts over trousers, wide legs and golden jewellery, complemented Sophia Webster‘s caged birds (aka models) wearing peacock print and feathers.


Bora Aksu does dresses well, and this season is no exception. Pastels, ruffles and plenty of chiffon mean that there will always be something to impress your boyfriend’s mum, along with pretty dress newcomers, Natasha Zinko and fashionista faves, Preen.


Preferably a one-piece for full effect! Coming in all tones from pastel to poppy to neon- check the shy n retiring Molly Goddard see through shapes. Preen went all pretty and Peter Jensen went loud! Newcomer Jaewoo Lee was also in on the act with an 80s inspired box jacket. Christopher Kane did some dusty pink pieces too, but jazzed them up with black lace and Crocs (yup you heard right!!!)


Whatever you think when you imagine a ruffle, it will be available in some form, somewhere in SS17. The Shrimps and Burberry showed sophisticated ruffle neck blouses, and Henry Holland and Emilio De La Moreno went mad for the ra ra skirt.


Getting ready for work and getting kitted out for the gym are becoming more and more blurred in fashion land. SS17 saw a plethora of designers tapping into sports fabrics, bodycon shapes and easy to wear styles. Some of my faves are PA5H, which took inspiration for it’s skin tight dresses from the Formula 1 racetrack. Edeline Lee‘s presentation included sweat tops, stripes and sandals, whilst Clio Peppiatt also referenced the race track in a fun collection mixing lycra body stockings with leather, denim and lace.

It might look like the summer is all pretty in pink, but trust me, there is something for all tastes.


22 Sep 2016

Happy memories at Hartwell House Hotel

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Hartwell House is fit for a Queen

Live like a Queen, and take a well-deserved break at King Louis XVIII’s, 17th century British base- Hartwell House.

Now is the perfect time for a weekend break in the UK. Even if the weather is a tad temperamental, it is always a treat to jump in the car and head out of town for some R & R.

Hartwell House is the ideal place to visit for some peace and tranquillity; It is also steeped in history, and only a one-hour drive from London, situated in the market town of Aylesbury; This makes it perfect for fidgets/shopaholics, as you can fill your boots at the curio shops in the quaint town or hit bargain hunter’s paradise Bicester Village which is a 25-minute drive away….

Read my full review for Stylenest here

14 Sep 2016


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Check out the Besiter charger for your go-to portable appliance


If you’re anything like me and get around a lot, you will have no doubt been crying out for a portable charger to help your well-used phone.

As a freelancer, my phone gets used. Frequently. Whether it is for making calls, checking emails or browsing the web, so its no wonder that the poor Iphone 6 battery cannot keep up with my demands. It’s tragic really how much I rely on my phone, and all that time I spend on buses and trains, speaking to strangers… But c’est la vie for the journo of the 21st century.

So when the sleek and very sophisticated portable Besiter charger landed on my desk, it didn’t take me long to get stuck in! Looking nothing like other (mentioning no names) ugly portable chargers, the Besiter has a slimline, ergonomically designed body which makes it easy to hold and carry around. It’s also simple to use, and has the handy tool of telling you how much power it has left to give! I also got a white one, and for a girl who is obsessed with white technology, I was smitten from the start.

Highly recommended if you want to impress- or confuse (it has been likened to hair straighteners!!) and is perfect for a globe trotter like myself, as you can still charge and go without having to cart your adaptors with you. Along with the useful LED light, this is a big help.

Buy yours here


14 Sep 2016


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THERE ARE BOOKS FOR ADULTS AND BOOKS FOR KIDS, but all ages can appreciate how easy it is to get up to mischief!


Check out the Little Mischiefs who are loved by grown ups and kids alike.

Created by Eileen Lam, her photographs of “girls who don’t behave as they should”, will surely bring a twinkle to any female’s eye, and anything proclaiming mischief is a winner for me.

The dolls are loving created and dressed, and placed in real life situations, and even have dolls and pets of their own!


The dollies (with personalities akin to the Spice Girls!) enjoy all kinds of romps, from hula hooping to busking to carving pumpkins and baking, and running away to Cannes! Which transport the reader to a carefree time, where getting up to no good had no severe consequences, and exploring and sight-seeing was exciting.


Along with the rest of the Dolly Treasures photographic books, Lam has created a niche for nostalgia, which makes it ok to be ten years old again. I’m in.


Buy yours here and join the party!


12 Sep 2016


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Bi-monthly, The Fashion Debates  takes over The Grooming Rooms during the Spring Summer 17 schedule of shows to  discuss ethical issues that affect the fashion industry, and in this season’s pop up, the topic is ‘Should The UK Introduce A Model-Health Law?’

With two different viewpoints presented by model, Rosie Nelson (who was told by her agency to “get down to the bone”) in order to succeed, and is now fronting a national campaign, calling the Government to legalise and protect models.

Read more on 55Factory


05 Sep 2016


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September is one of my favourite months

I know the nights are getting darker and there are no more bank holidays to look forward to until the dreaded ‘C’ time (!!!) but I still love that new shoes, back to school feeling. So as well as my hit list of winter boots, I have started early by stocking up on my first winter bonnet.

I wear a lot of grey, so the super soft merino wool bobble hat from Bklyn was right up my alley. Versatile enough to wear with many of my coats, it’s not too in yer face to need a special jacket of it’s own! You could almost say, this hat is so cool, it doesn’t need to draw attention to itself with a posse of fancy admirers. The confidence comes from its simplicity and very fluffy racoon bobble tail.

Yup, we are talking luxury market here, so the tail is real. And very soft. In fact the whole hat feels like you are wearing a halo. Not that I have ever had that experience! (Aherm) but I digress. If you want to feel like a princess, treat yourself or treat a friend, and prepare to be toasty, and talked about. When mine arrived in it’s perfectly packaged cardboard case, it was one of the hottest days of the summer, but I think it works with a bikini too….

Check out the full range, and choose your own colours here

05 Sep 2016


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festival no 6_sara_darling

So I went to Wales and took my wellies (thankfully)

I have never had so much fun in the rain!

Festival No 6 in Port Merion in delightfully picturesque North Wales was almost a no-no but I am very pleased I braved the six hour journey, and washout weather forecast for the four days of fun. I could have probably managed five, but work commitments got the better of me.. Watch this space for a full review for Flush magazine, and some serious green eyes envy at my piccies- if you can look beyond the mudfest, you could almost believe you were in Italy.

Hot Chip, Johnny Vegas, Welsh Male Voice Choir and some seriously tasty food. What more do you need at a festival?




24 Aug 2016


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The all singing, dancing musical which is set to be the Christmas tear-jerker!

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are the on-screen couple with so much chemistry the screen almost explodes in the Christmas feel good musical La La Land..

I had my first day writing for the newly launched Sun @Popcorn magazine today, so read all about it here.

19 Aug 2016


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If you’re heading to Edinburgh and want to take in more than the typical Fringe delights, check out my ‘alternative’ guide for instant kudos- even if you have never been before!

Written for Unmissable

17 Aug 2016


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When I heard about a new activewear label, I did a very teeny yawn. After all, you can’t walk five minutes down the road without seeing a yummy mummy in a bra-lette on her way back from her pilates class; Or the Mistress of sportsluxe, Rihanna in one of her infinite track-luxe get ups, in pretty much any magazine.

But when I delved further, Sundried is a label made for people who care. And I do like to think that’s a bit of me. Designed for people who actually work out and spend more time getting sweaty than getting a green juice, the team behind the label are big on training outdoors, and you can tell by the gorgeous capsule collection they have created.

Even though I attempt to look OK when I work out, I know I am going to get a sweat on, so I loved the idea that the simple, timeless styles were ethically produced, and wouldn’t wear out as quickly as some ‘fashionable’ competitors.

With carefully created fabric which is designed to be washed cool, and ‘sun dried’, this might be easier said than done in this climate; But actually the clever bods at Sundried HQ have used a very fine mix of  materials which minimise sweat and still keep their stretch after a good long run. Designed in the UK and made in Portugal, all the workers of legal age, get paid a fair wage, and work in safe conditions, which is more than can be said about some competitors.

In keeping with responsible lifestyle choices, for every item sold, a donation is made to the charity Water for Kids. So you can glow on the inside as well as looking fit on the outside; And the kids in disadvantaged countries such as Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya will benefit from you looking hot too.

Now what’s stopping you working out and feeling good?

Get inspired at Sundried