24 Aug 2016


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The all singing, dancing musical which is set to be the Christmas tear-jerker!

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are the on-screen couple with so much chemistry the screen almost explodes in the Christmas feel good musical La La Land..

I had my first day writing for the newly launched Sun @Popcorn magazine today, so read all about it here.

19 Aug 2016


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If you’re heading to Edinburgh and want to take in more than the typical Fringe delights, check out my ‘alternative’ guide for instant kudos- even if you have never been before!

Written for Unmissable

17 Aug 2016


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When I heard about a new activewear label, I did a very teeny yawn. After all, you can’t walk five minutes down the road without seeing a yummy mummy in a bra-lette on her way back from her pilates class; Or the Mistress of sportsluxe, Rihanna in one of her infinite track-luxe get ups, in pretty much any magazine.

But when I delved further, Sundried is a label made for people who care. And I do like to think that’s a bit of me. Designed for people who actually work out and spend more time getting sweaty than getting a green juice, the team behind the label are big on training outdoors, and you can tell by the gorgeous capsule collection they have created.

Even though I attempt to look OK when I work out, I know I am going to get a sweat on, so I loved the idea that the simple, timeless styles were ethically produced, and wouldn’t wear out as quickly as some ‘fashionable’ competitors.

With carefully created fabric which is designed to be washed cool, and ‘sun dried’, this might be easier said than done in this climate; But actually the clever bods at Sundried HQ have used a very fine mix of  materials which minimise sweat and still keep their stretch after a good long run. Designed in the UK and made in Portugal, all the workers of legal age, get paid a fair wage, and work in safe conditions, which is more than can be said about some competitors.

In keeping with responsible lifestyle choices, for every item sold, a donation is made to the charity Water for Kids. So you can glow on the inside as well as looking fit on the outside; And the kids in disadvantaged countries such as Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya will benefit from you looking hot too.

Now what’s stopping you working out and feeling good?

Get inspired at Sundried

15 Aug 2016


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If you are looking for an active break, Switzerland should well and truly be on your radar for the summer.

With it’s rolling mountains (still capped with snow), and incredible lakes, it has lots to offer the explorer, bike enthusiast, hiker and wannabe paddle boarder;

There is also plenty of apres-sport available. Along with some serious shopping.

Read more on my travel feature for Stylenest here.

04 Aug 2016


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I won’t lie to you, I always enjoy a spa trip

So when I got asked to go and sample the Jacobean mansion that is known in the biz as Hartwell House, I was very excited indeed!

A mere hour away from London, I had no shortage of friends with cars who made themselves available on the Monday night of my visit. I plumped for my bessie Chris and we headed north, stopping only once for a wee stop! So it must have been very close indeed.

I was booked in for a facial, but alas we were running late, so I had a 23rd hour change of plan and went for an invigorating full body massage instead.  In my head, this made sense as then I could finish off my indulgence in the pool, jacuzzi and steam room! Result.

Dinner was a grandiose affair, so I’m glad we brought our glad rags! And even though I ate enough calories to fill me up for 48 hours, I sampled the full English brekkie the next day too. Yum.

Come with a friend, and make a friend for life. After all, what happens in a hot tub in Aylesbury stays there….

Keep your peepers on Stylenest for my full review.


27 Jul 2016


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If you’re anything like me- I have the 21st century FOMO (fear of missing out), so I tend to cram in as much as possible, as often as possible! And that results in me feeling a little bit jaded from time to time..

So on my days of recuperation, I like to try and catch up on my sleep. Needless to say by then, I am officially exhausted and you would think sleep would come easy.. alas not. It seems whenever I attempt to get my head down at a reasonable hour, my sleep endorphins decide they want to be out dancing. Or starting a provocative conversation with my brain about a deadline. Hence even on those days off, falling asleep is a bit of a mish!

I’ve tried the chill out apps and the pillow spray- all very well and good but not quite effective enough! So when I got my mitts on the infamous Potter’s ‘Herbal Nodoff Plus Mixture‘ I couldn’t wait to see if this would be the answer to my insomnia.

Having produced successful products for years, the white coats behind the Potter’s brand must know something about herbs, and reading between the lines, it is quite a combo of ingredients which help the little sleep zzzzzs..

Valerian is widely used for excitability and exhaustion, (which sums me up rather well), along with Jamaican Dogwood, Passion Flower and Hops- but the potion didn’t look (or taste) as pretty as it sounded! However I persevered, and the tablespoon after dinner and two more before bed hit me like a brick wall! In a good way.

I’d love to tell you I had a great night’s sleep, but I can’t remember… I was out like a light, and felt fresh a a daisy the next day. No dreams, no anxiety, no grogginess. In fact I woke up feeling like I do on holiday- refreshed and raring to go.

I don’t know if it will be quite as effective if you get used to it, but I am definitely keeping this in my bathroom cabinet for emergencies.

Buy yours here


26 Jul 2016


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GENTS, if I was to ask if you to describe the perfect pair of pants, I bet comfort would be up there in your top three?

So what you pack your balls into to be comfortable gives you comfy balls right? Apparently this moniker aroused some sniggers when the Scandinavian founders tried to launch in the States, and the name was banned for being vulgar!


For a company that was founded in Norway in 2013, it is now selling like hot buns in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, so it is seems our American cousins are missing out on the action..and the unique PackageFront™ design that Comfyballs provides, which claims to increase comfort by “reducing heat transfer and restricting movement”.

I didn’t realise underwear could get so technical, but I’m assured by my man friend that the underwear gets his thumbs up!

 See their UK trailer here
And buy yours here
26 Jul 2016

The movie of Sid & Nancy

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It’s the 40th anniversary of punk, and the 30th anniversary of the Sid & Nancy movie and to celebrate the 1986 film, the Alex Cox cult classic has been restored.

Film biops can go either way, but who better to play the infamous Sid Vicious than Gary Oldman- a man with some serious attitude, along with Chloe Webb as the long suffering girlfriend Nancy Spungen. The film documents one of the most high profile (and destructive) relationships of the era. Providing a vivid portrait of sex and drug abuse, the heart-breaking relationship between Sid & Nancy is a true story and one which tragically ends when Nancy is stabbed by her wasted lover Sid, who consequently dies of a heroin overdose.

Subtle, no, and suitable for a first date, probably not. But as for anyone who loved punk and The Sex Pistols, the original soundtrack and styling make this a film to mark an era.

Out in cinemas on 5th August.

15 Jul 2016


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SukiShufu is getting ready for AW

I have been working with luxury sportswear brand SukiShufu for four seasons on her lookbooks and campaign shoots, and this season was very exciting as her collection took inspiration from the 80s, and Prince..and just so happens to be one of my favourite decades (can’t be biased, I actually love the seventies, and sixties.. and come to mention it, fifties too!!)

Luckily we understand eachother really well, and her vision was complemented by some Vivienne Westwood style tap shoes, graphic jewellery a fedora and legwarmers. Here is a sneaky peek of the result..

The campaign, shot by my partner in crime Christopher Sims will be out very soon.

For more on Suki, check out her site.

12 Jul 2016


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I was recently asked to contribute to an Italian fashion magazine Glam at 40, and give my tips for successfully staying glam over 40! Check out my feature here: